Windom Peak

Date to Climb: June 27, 2009

Date Climbed: June 28, 2009

Elevation: 14,082

Range: San Juans, Needles

Latitude: 37.62120, Longitude: -107.59190

Route: West Ridge ll, Class 2+

Round-Trip Mileage: 5 (from Chicago Basin)

Pre-Climb Comments

See Sunlight.

Post-Climb Comments

Since we did not do Windom as planned the day before with Sunlight, Amy and I woke at 3:30 and were walking by 4:00.

Jake was going to spend the day at camp. We tethered him to a tree so that he could lay inside the open tent, but still have access to the outside. When we left that morning he acted as if he did not want to go with us, which made leaving him easier.

Rested and nourished we made excellent time getting to the upper Chicago Basin and over to the base of the mountain. Our ascent was quick until about 13,800 feet at which point we found all the rock covered with a thin sheet of ice - verglass. The slick rock made typically easy moves especially dangerous and slowed us to a snail’s pace. After a few harrowing moments we finally summited at 7:30.

Amy on Windom

Windom Peak

The descent was just as slow and difficult as the climb until we finally climbed below the ice. Again, we were able to move quickly. Practically running down the slopes we could see Nick waiting in a distance at the start of the approach to Mount Eolus.

Mount Windom - June 28, 2009 summit check