Mount Quandry

Date to Climb: June 18, 2009

Date Climbed: June 18, 2009

Elevation: 14,265

Range: Ten Mile

Latitude: 39.39720, Longitude: -106.10640

Route: East Ridge ll, Class 1

Round-Trip Mileage: 6.75 miles

Pre-Climb Comments

I did Quandry a couple of years ago by a north face route and descended the East Ridge. Judging from the number of people on the trail I would say that it is very popular. There are some good reasons for its popularity: the trail in 07 was in great shape, the East Ridge follows a great line, easy approach to the trailhead, and the close proximity to Breckenridge. We are hoping it is a straight forward easy day. Our camping spot will be at or near the trailhead.

Post-Climb Comments

We left Kite Lake and went to get my finger fixed. Originally, we were only going to see if we could buy a splint at a drug store, but then we passed a clinic and talked the nurse into a non-appointment visit.

As soon as possible we were headed back to the Quandry trailhead. Some folks came down the mountain about the time we arrived at the trailhead. One male acted as if the snow conditions were nothing, and a couple acted as if the snow was the worst, EVER. I was surprised to see that they had walked together. So we learned that conditions were either great or terrible - or somewhere between.

We found a cozy spot to spend the night in the Element and soon set about preparing for an early morning start. Two guys from Dallas showed up and told us that they had just flown in and were planning on climbing the next day also. We discussed trip ideas and told them that we moved slow so we would be starting early, around five.

We woke on time, dressed and started our hike at 5:15. The first mile or so was a pretty easy walk. Once above tree line though, the cold and wind hit us again. Gads. When will the cold weather ever end? We were moving at a good rate and felt strong. Not long above tree line we hit the snow, again. The snow pack was very hard in the early morning hours and as the angle increased we brought out the crampons.

Along the way we actually PASSED someone who had started before us. We were finally getting acclimated. Yeah!

Mount Quandry

Looking Back at the Upper Ridge

The wind and the cold increased with the altitude but we were standing on top by 8:15. Chilled, we took a few pics and headed back down. Jake had stayed in the car and it was a good thing with all of the ice - he does not do great on icy snow wearing his rock boots. We set a fast pace going down and were at the bottom before 10:15.

On our descent we talked to a lot of people. There were the two guys from Dallas who were not acclimated. They were trudging slowly, but they were still climbing. Then we saw a woman bundled up, but without gloves - she was probably not going much farther. One group desperately asked if they were close (they were not even out of tree line, yet) - we looked at them and said, no, emphatically. And finally, there was a group of three teenagers and a dad dressed in tennis shoes and shorts, we hoped they were not expecting to make it to the summit that day. All of the people heading up had a goal. Some might not have made their goal, but all were trying hard.

Mount Quandry - June 18, 2009 summit check