Wilson Peak

Date to Climb: July 01, 2009

Date Climbed: July 01, 2009

Elevation: 14,017

Range: San Juan

Latitude: 37.86030, Longitude: -107.98470

Route: West Ridge ll, Class 3

Round-Trip Mileage: 16

Pre-Climb Comments

We decided we were not going to even try El Diente since it was not an official 14,000 foot peak. Instead we were going to do a car to car ascent of Wilson Peak and Mount Wilson. Nick was going to join us. Jon and Laura were going to watch after Jake.

Post-Climb Comments

After Sneffels we made the long trip to the Wilson group. It is funny the driving or riding is as tiring as the climbs.

We woke at 2:00 and started at 2:30. Nick did not call that time morning, instead he called it late night.

A sixteen mile round trip is pretty common place these days so we felt that the two peaks were doable. The approach hike was harder than expected due to the rough nature of the trail as it went around Navajo Lake. Loose rocks were the trail. Every step was on a sharp rock. For greater speed we wear lighter shoes, but our feet pay the price in rocky terrain.

Wilson Peak approach

Approaching Wilson Peak

Once on the slopes leading to the saddle we started climbing in ernest. The trail still was loose rock graded to a trail.

Then the fun began. We traversed the loose rocks. We climbed the loose rocks. We down-climbed the loose rocks. We lived on loose rocks. We lied before, there was nothing fun about Wilson Peak. It seemed like the only reason the peak was still standing was because of friction. Not a rock on the mountain was secure. Rocks from the size of a pebble to ones as big as a car were poised, ready to fall at the slightest touch. We don't know how Wilson Peak is standing. It is basically a pile of rubble.

Wilson Peak summit

Wilson Peak Summit

Clouds were building as we finally touched the top and scurried back to the saddle. We were happy the mountain defied gravity long enough for us to safely exit its dangerous slopes.

We realize that Wilson Peak is the quintessential rocky mountain - used as the backdrop for major advertising; but... it is really just a heap of loose rocks.

Wilson Peak - July 01, 2009 summit check