Mount Massive

Date to Climb: June 23, 2009

Date Climbed: July 30, 2009

Elevation: 14,421

Range: Sawatch

Latitude: 39.18750, Longitude: -106.47560

Route: East Slopes ll, Class 2

Round-Trip Mileage: 13.75

Pre-Climb Comments

There is plenty of camping in the area, we are unsure on exactly where we are going to sleep. We did Massive a few years back. We had issues trying to find the actual summit. We walked all along the summit ridge but never found a summit cairn. It will be nice to do a trail to the top peak. We are leaving for Longs Peak as soon as we get down.

Post-Climb Comments

As we left Buena Vista after climbing Harvard and Columbia, a massive storm was going through the area. High winds stormed through they valley. We could only guess what it was doing in the mountains.

In Leadville we went to the RV Corral and they allowed us a small parking space for a small fee. We showered and hit the town eating at a small Mexican restaurant. Back at the Corral we prepared for the morning and went to bed before dark.

We left the trailhead at 6 and started the day with a bit of uphill breakfast. It was not that bad. In fact the trail had been improved since the last time we were on it and it was an easier walk. Above treeline, when the clouds would briefly clear, we could see either snow or hail on the upper slopes.

Massive Clouds

Massive Clouds

Gaining the saddle, we continued up the ridge. In front of us on the trail was a group of forty or fifty with whom we did not want to catch up to. After they began their descent we moved over to the summit but the weather was still not very clear. So, a couple of pictures later, we were on the way down.

Massive Snow on the Ridge

Summit Ridge

We had to make fast time as we still had to drive to Estes Park that afternoon. Our knees hurt as we pushed them harder than usual. Normally we would back off on our speed if we began to hurt, but now with only one climb to go we just wanted to go faster.

Back at the Element, we got underway as soon as possible.

53 peaks climbed only 1 to go.

Mount Massive - July 30, 2009 summit check