Mount Evans

Date to Climb: June 19, 2009

Date Climbed: June 19, 2009

Elevation: 14,264

Range: Front

Latitude: 39.58821, Longitude: -105.64359

Route: Northeast Ridge l, Class 2

Round-Trip Mileage: 2 miles

Pre-Climb Comments

We wanted to do the Sawtooth Ridge when we did Bierstadt, but we did Bierstadt early and the snow looked out of shape at that time. This is the easiest climb in the world, but it has been cold. We hope to get back later in the summer to try another route, but for now if we make it up this one, it will sort of do.

Post-Climb Comments - Mount Evans

After completing Mount Quandry in the early morning we left and headed for Mount Evans. We were not sure where we were going to stay but wanted to get a site at the campground at Echo Lake.

Going through Breckenridge we stopped at the Patagonia Store to complain about a jacket that was delaminating. They wanted to send it back to the repairs department, but I explained that I needed to fix it, so that I could use it the very next day. The sales clerk called around and found a Gore-Tex repair kit that would temporally fix the jacket. I plan to work on the repair on Monday, our scheduled day off.

We had never been on the road to Mount Evans, but found it very scenic. Many bicycles and motorcycles like to ride the road. Finding a site at the campground we explored the area and even walked around the lake. Jake had a lot of extra energy and we had to exercise him.

Early to bed and early to rise, we were on our way to Summit Lake at 5:00. Driving the nine miles to the lake we were able to super warm ourselves in the car, but we knew that it was going to be bitter cold outside. At the trailhead, Amy could not find one of her boots. It was a bit comical as we tore everything out of the car looking for it. She eventually put on a different pair of boots, but as we were getting ready to leave she saw the boot under the car. It had fallen out or had had enough and was trying to hide.

Jake did not go with us again. We were going to make a fast ascent without him.

Did we mention it was cold? Amy's GU froze solid. Our hydration bladder tubes froze. There was no eating or drinking. We just climbed through the weather. It was miserably cold.

frozen water tube

Frozen Hydration Tube

Luckily, the climb was short. We were originally planning on doing Bierstadt with Evans as a combo, but had to alter the plans due to the snow. We were very glad we were not trying to do both routes in the gale force winds. The mileage and elevation was similar but the two routes separate are not as hard as the Sawtooth, our original plan.

Summit Lake

Summit Lake from Above

Back in the car we could not get warm. It really was cold. Back home in Nashville, it was supposed to be ninety-eight degrees and it was well below freezing on our climb.

At Echo Lake Lodge we had breakfast. Wait, not just any breakfast, but a feast. Amy had two huge, huge, huge pancakes and I had maybe the best omelet I have ever eaten. The Lodge is a good stop. If you are lucky enough to sit by the window, you can see the hundreds of bicycles tempting the grade the with their hearts, lungs, and legs. It is a good show.

Mount Evans is over, we would actually like to climb it again if time will allow, but under a little bit better conditions, after all it is summer.

Mount Evans - June 19, 2009 summit check