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Our goal at cloudhiking is to help you get outdoors. We try hard to give the most current information for each adventure. If you need more information, we might have an answer, just ask!

Each Adventure Guide is written to entice you to get out there. When we look at the pictures, it makes us want to re-hike the trail or re-ride the greenways. When we look at the maps, we dream of the areas. We hope the Guides do the same for you.

News ... We are back home and have a new puppy coming tomorrow (8/21)!

In Tennessee, we have a few projects underway. There are new maps to Cummins Falls and Pickett State Park in the works. There is other Pickett news that will be coming soon ... it is very exciting. We also still have many trails to hike in Nashville and the surrounding areas as well as updating old maps and guides.

New Maps or Guides

(08/20/14) Skills - links to the many skill related pages (and some stories) from our Metro to Mountain Journal. Many series and individual entries. Check it out!

(08/20/14) Mount Elbert - Over the summer, while staying in Leadville, CO we re-hiked Mount Elbert, Colorado's highest peak. It was a fun hike and now we have the map complete. Enjoy! Oh, the guides will soon follow - we did two trails on the peak.

(05/17/14) Richland Creek Greenway - Metro Nashville Park. We orginally drew the map in 2009, and it needed revisions. The Richland Creek Greenway map is completely re-drawn. Load it onto your smart phone or geo-pdf reader and test it on your next walk, run, ride on this great greenway. We have also updated the Richland Creek Greenway pages (05/22/14)

(05/05/14) Sandbeach Lake - Rocky Mountain National Park. Another Wild Basin Area lake. With close access to the Park Entrance the trail climbs 4.3 miles to the lake. Most of the trail is moderate. The lake has great views of Mount Meeker's southern flanks.

(04/30/14) Finch Lake - Pear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. Our first guide to the Wild Basin area of the Park. The lakes are about 4.5 miles and 6.5 miles from the Finch Lake Trailhead on good trails. The lakes are a must see.

(04/16/14) Wild Basin in Rocky Mountain National Park - (map only) the trails of the Wild Basin area of the Park. Many great trails to alpine destinations. We also hope to finish a couple of guides to the area before summer.

(3/28/14) Gregory Ridge Trail to Gregory Bald - From Gregory Ridge Trailhead the trail follows Forge Creek to the campsite and then climbs the ridge to Ridh Gap and the Gregory Bald Trail.

(3/13/14) Wolf Ridge Trail to Gregory Bald - Another guide to Gregory Bald from the Twentymile Trailhead.

(2/17/14) Long Hungry Ridge Trail to Gregory Bald - Guide to Gregory Bald route from the south, Twentymile Trailhead.

(2/7/14) Gregory Bald (map only) - Just uploaded the Gregory Bald Trail Map to Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The guide is soon to come. We also intend to hike the trails from Cades Cove and complete the map this Spring.

(12/29) Grand Teton Loop - Guide - The Adventure Guide to the Map listed below. The photos are great. Enjoy.

(12/16) Grand Teton Loop - This trails sends the hiker around Grand Teton in a long loop route using at least 6 of the Parks' trails. The map is huge and is also a big download (10.7 mb). Map only, but the guide is coming soon.

(10/28) Lower Loop - Fall Creek Falls - This great 12 mile trail takes a tour of the Park. It is a must do overnight or day hike.

(10/13) Lawn Lake (Mummy Range) - Guide to Lawn Lake and the Lawn Lake Trail in Rocky Mountain National Park. The Mummy Range Map is also included.

(09/23) Twin Sisters, Estes Cone, Lily Lake - combining the three areas into one map, all three trails begin in the Lily Lake area on the eastern boundary of Rocky Mountain National Park.

(9/03) Hallett Peak and Flattop Mountain - the guide to the popular Flattop Mountain - Hallett Peak route in rocky Mountain National Park.

(9/02) Revised Hallett Peak and Flattop Mountain Map. The map to the popular Hallett Peak and Flattop Mountain has been revised.

(8/29) Timber Lake Trail - the guide to the Timber Lake Trail, Rocky Mountain National Park. Timber Lake is located on the west side of the Continental Divide.

(8/25) Revised Mount Ida and Timber Lake Map - in May we completed the North Ridge Of Mount Ida. We included the trail to Timber Lake, but we had never walked it (and stated that we had not). The revised map fixes the Timber Lake Trail and improves the cosmetics.

(5/30) Mount Ida, North Ridge - map of Mount Ida and Timber Lake and guide to the North Ridge of Mount Ida from Milner Pass.

(5/13) Pickett State Park Trails - map of Pickett State Park and guide of the Park's Hidden Passage Trail. Plan a hike soon!

(4/11) Eagle Point Overnight Trail - map and guide of the popular 8.4 mile overnight trail on the banks of the Tennessee River.

(3/24) Keyhole Route - the standard route on Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park. Longs Peak is on the bucket list of many folks, the Keyhole is the most popular route.

(3/18) Longs Peak Map - new Longs Peak Map which includes the East Longs Peak Trail to the Boulderfield, the Keyhole Route, the Loft Route, and Clarks Arrow.

(2/24) Cummins Falls - Updated Map and Adventure Guide. The Park is almost a year old and has a few added trails and variations.

(2/17) Deer Mountain Trail - Rocky Mountain National Park. The map and adventure guide for the scenic climb of the 10,013' peak.

(02/10) Alum Cave Trail - Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The adventure guide for the most popular trail on Mount Le Conte.

(02/04) New Mount Le Conte trail map - Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The new map includes all five Le Conte trails.

(01/30) Updated the Bells Bend map to match the new trail signs from an Eagle Scout Project

(01/27/2013) Standing Stone Park map and adventure guide. The State Park located about 30 miles north of Cookeville is noted for it's marble contest, but it also has a good trail.

(12/13) Map - Amphitheater Lake in the Tetons, a great map to Amphitheater and Surprise Lakes as well as sections of other trails from the Lupine Meadows Trailhead. The guide will soon follow. (12/19 update) The Adventure Guide for Amphitheater Lake is now complete. Merry Christmas!

(12/03) New Montgomery Bell Trail Map - a great looking map for the State Park.

(11/26) Angels Landing map and adventure guide in Zion National Park (UT). The map is great and the guide depicts the exposed route.

(11/08) New Cedars of Lebanon map and updated Trail Guides for Hidden Springs and Cedar Forest.

(10/29) New Beaman Park map. We are continuing to update the area maps. The Beaman Map looks great. Please visit the Park and enjoy!

Walk 100 Miles with the Mayor - Trails - a list of trails totaling over 100 miles

Walk 100 Miles with the Mayor - Greenways - a list of greenways totaling over 100 miles

(10/11/12) Map and Adventure Guide to La Luz Trail in Albuquerque, NM is completed.

(09/27) Map and Adventure Guide to Vaughn Creek Cross Country Trail in Warner Parks, Nashville.

(09/17) New Radnor Lake trail map.

(9/03) The updated Barfield Park map is completed.

(9/02) Finished the Adventure Guide for Barr Trail. Still have a few rough spots, but just waiting on comments.

(8/26) The Hallett Peak map in Rocky Mountain National Park has been updated to include the short trail around Bear Lake.

(08/25) We have been working on a map for the famous Barr Trail on Pikes Peak. There might be a few corrections on the Barr Trail Map, but we are putting it up to be reviewed.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks for your support.

Happy trails to all, hope to see you on the trails somewhere.

Most Recently Added Guides

Richland Creek Greenway - Nashville, a complete update of Greenway pages

Sandbeach Lake - Wild Basin area of Rocky Mountain National Park

Finch Lake - Pear Lake - Wild Basin area of Rocky Mountain National Park

Gregory Ridge Trail to Gregory Bald - Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Wolf Ridge Trail to Gregory Bald - Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Long Hungry Ridge Trail to Gregory Bald - Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Grand Teton Loop - Grand Teton National Park - WY

Lower Loop - Fall Creek Falls State Park - TN

Lawn Lake - Rocky Mountain National Park - CO

Hallett Peak, Flattop Mountain - Rocy Mountain National Park

Timber Lake - Rocky Mountain National Park - CO

Mount Ida, North Ridge - Rocky Mountain National Park - CO

Hidden Passage - Pickett State Park

Eagle Point Overnight Trail - Mousetail Landing State Park, Linden, TN

Keyhole Route - Rocky Mountain National Park - CO

Deer Mountain Trail - Rocky Mountain National Park - CO

Alum Cave Trail - Great Smoky Mountain Park - Tennessee

Standing Stone Park - Hilham, TN

Amphitheater Lake Trail - Grand Teton National Park - Wyoming

La Luz Trail - Sandia Mountains - New Mexico

Vaughn Creek Cross Country Trail - Warner Parks, Nashville

Pikes Peak - Barr Trail - Colorado Mountains

Cummins Falls State Park - Cookeville, TN

Grays and Torreys - Colorado Mountains

Virgin Falls State Natural Area - Sparta, TN

Lily Lake Trails - Rocky Mountain National Park

Estes Cone Peak - Rocky Mountain National Park

Short Springs State Natural Area - Tullahoma, TN

Twin Sisters Trail - Twin Sisters Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park

Ellington Agricultural Center Trails - Nashville

Wall Trail, Optional Trails - Old Stone Fort State Park

Alternate Trails, Garrison Loop - Old Stone Fort State Park

Patriot Lake Trail - Shelby Farms Park Conservancy

Chickasaw and Greenline Connector Trails - Shelby Farms Park Conservancy

Most Recently Added Maps

Map - Mount Elbert, Colorado's Sawatch Range - 20Aug14

Map update - Richland Creek Greenway - 17May14

Map - Wild Basin, Rocky Mountain National Park - 16Apr14

Map - Gregory Bald, GSMNP - Smokies - 10Feb14

Map - Grand Teton Loop - 16Dec13

Map - Mummy Range Rocky Mountain National Park - 12OCT13

Map - Hallett Peak, Flattop Mtn - Rocky Mountain National Park - 02Sep13

Map - Mount Ida - Rocky Mountain National Park - 30May13

Map - Pickett State Park Trails - 09May13

Map - Mousetail Landing Trails - 11APR13

Map - Longs Peak Trails - Rocky Mountain National Park - 18Mar13

Map - Deer Mountain Trail - 17Feb13

Map - Mount Le Conte Trails - 02Feb13

Map - Standing Stone Park - 27Jan13

Map - Amphitheater Lake Trail - 13Dec12

Map Update (new) - Montgomery Bell Park - 03Dec12

Map - Angels Landing (Zion National Park) - 26Nov12

Map Update (new) - Cedars of Lebanon - 11Nov12

Map Update (new) - Beaman Park - 29Oct12

Map - La Luz Trail (New Mexico) - 08Oct12

Map - Vaughn Creek Cross Country Trail - 27Sep12

Map Update (new) - Radnor Lake - 17Sep12

Map Update (new) - Barfield Park - 03Sep12

Map - Barr Trail, Pikes Peak (CO)- 25Aug12

Map - Cummins Falls State Park - 23May12

Map Only - Hallett Peak (RMNP) - 05May12

Map Only - Fall Creek Falls - 12Apr12

Map - Grays and Torreys (CO) - 03Mar12

Map - Virgin Falls - 17Feb12

Map Only - Warner Parks Map - 04Feb12

Map - Estes Cone and Lily Lake (CO) - 27Dec11

Map - Short Springs Natural Area - 01Dec11

Map - Twin Sisters Trail (CO) - 16Nov11

Map - Ellington Agricultural Center - 26Oct11

Map - Old Stone Fort - 07Oct11

Map Only - Upper Loop at Fall Creek Falls - 16June11

Map Only - Alum Cave Trail & the Boulevard - Mount LeConte & Mount Kephart - updated - 15June11

Map - Shelby Farms Park Conservancy - 20May11

Colorado Fourteeners, 2009

For six months we planned the trip and in fifty-three days climbed the fifty-four peaks. It was a great summer adventure. There were things that we did right, things that we did wrong, and things that we just did because it was the next day! By the end of the summer we were fit and ready to climb, but also ready to be home in Tennessee. Thanks to all those who helped us complete our goals as well as all those who shared the experiences with us. We loved it.

The original cloudhiking site chronicling our trip with descriptions of each route is still an important part of this site. If you are interested in doing all or some of the Colorado Fourteeners, it is a must read.