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The cloudhiking trail maps were originally designed as quick fix navigation maps. Looking at the map it was easy to find your approximate location from the waypoints as long as you stayed on the trail or path.

The original maps were not intended to be used as true cross country navigation maps. In the summer of 2011, we began producing geo-referenced maps. The new maps include a grid, scale, north arrow, and geo-referencing data. We will update the old maps to the new standards; but be patient, it is a lot of work and we have many areas we are still wanting to map!

Ideally, the maps were designed for electronic devices. They work great viewed on a smart phone using a pdf reader app (application).

For use with an iPhone or iPad, download the iBook app (free) from the iTunes store. Then open iTunes and click on the Books tab in the sidebar. Download any of the maps in pdf and simply drag them into the open iBooks window. Sync your iPhone or iPad.

Another incredibly easy way to download, once again for Apple users, from the mobile device (ipad, ipod, iphone) browse to the map you want to download, touch near the top of the screen, and you are prompted, to open the document (map) in iBooks (the app). That's it!

The maps may be printed; but there are a few issues. We did not worry about the size of the maps since they were designed to work on a smart phone - the file size was all that was important. The maps dimensions are sized by location and may not be compatible with paper sizes. Also, the maps are designed for color screens. When printed on a color printer the shades are fine; but when printed in gray scale the colors blend into illegible grayness. We have made printable gray scale copies of several of the maps, if there is interest, we could do others.

If you have trouble using the maps, have corrections, or ideas for improvements, please send us an email.

Trail Maps

Bells Bend - Trails

Beaman Park - Ridgetop Trail update - 10/28/12

Beaman Park - Henry Hollow Loop Trail update - 10/28/12

Radnor Lake - Otter Creek Road update - 09/17/12

Radnor Lake - Radnor Lake Trail update - 09/17/12

Radnor Lake - Ganier Ridge Trail update - 09/17/12

Radnor Lake - South Cove & South Lake Trails update - 09/17/12

Cedars of Lebanon - Hidden Springs Trail update - 11/08/12

Cedars of Lebanon - Cedar Forest Trail update - 11/08/12

Montgomery Bell - Trails update - 12/03/12

Cumberland Mountain - Overnight, Byrd Creek, Cumberland Plateau

Cumberland Mountain - Byrd Lake, Pioneer Short, Pioneer

Long Hunter - Bryant Grove Trail update - 01/10/11

South Cumberland, Savage Gulf - Big Creek Loop Trail

Bledsoe Creek - Trails

Long Hunter - Day Loop Trail update - 01/10/11

Long Hunter - Volunteer Trail update - 01/10/11

Fall Creek Falls - Gilbert Gaul Trail

Devil’s Backbone - Trail

Edwin Warner - Harpeth Woods Trail

Percy Warner - Warner Woods Trail

Percy Warner - Mossy Ridge Trail

Burgess Falls- Trails

Harpeth River, Hidden Lake - Trails

Cordell Hull - Bunkum Cave Trail

Harpeth River - Narrows of Harpeth - Trails

Barfield Crescent - Barfield Trails

Fall Creek Falls - Day Hike Trails

Edgar Evins - Millennium/Merritt Trails

Fall Creek Falls - Upper Loop Overnight Trail - 06/16/11

Old Stone Fort - Trails - 10/07/11

Short Springs Natural Area - 12/01/11

Warner Parks - 02/04/12

Virgin Falls - 02/17/12

Fall Creek Falls - 04/12/12

Cummins Falls State Park - 05/23/12

Standing Stone State Park - 01/27/13

Mousetail Landing - Eagle Point Overnight Trail - 4/11/13

Pickett State Park (revised) - 5/9/13

Savage Gulf Trails Map - 12/04/14 - South Cumberland State Park, TN

Chickasaw State Park Map - 01/20/16

Mountain Maps

Colorado 14,000' Peak - Grays and Torreys - 03/10/12

Rocky Mountain National Park, Hallett Peak - includes Flattop Mtn, Emerald Lake, Dream Lake, Nymph Lake, Haiyaha Lake - 05/05/12

Colorado 14,000' Peak - Barr Trail, Pikes Peak - 08/25/12

La Luz Trail - Sandia Mountains - Albuquerque, NM - 10/08/12

Angels Landing - Zion National Park - 11/26/12

Amphitheater Lake - Grand Teton National Park - 12/13/12

Great Smoky Mountains - Mount Le Conte - 02/04/13 This map is almost 2 mb. Includes all 5 Le Conte trails.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Deer Mountain Trail - 02/17/13

Rocky Mountain National Park, Longs Peak - 03/18/13 East Longs Peak Trail, Keyhole Route, The Loft Route

Rocky Mountain National Park, Mount Ida - 05/30/13 North Ridge route

Rocky Mountain National Park, Mount Ida and Timber Lake (revised) - 08/25/13 the North Ridge of Mount Ida and the Timber Lake Trail

Rocky Mountain National Park - Twin Sisters, Estes Cone, Lily Lake - 09/23/13 Twin Sisters Trail, Storm Pass Trail, Estes Cone Trail, and Lily Lake Trail - map combines the old Twin Sister and Estes Cone maps

Rocky Mountain National Park - Mummy Range - 10/13/13 Lawn Lake Trail, Crystal Lake Trail, Ypsilon Lake Trail, Chapin Mountain Trail, Mummy Southeast Slopes, Mount Fairchild Northeast Slopes, Spectacle Lakes, Chiquita Southwest Slopes, Mount Ypsilon Southwest Slopes - map of the Mummy Range

Grand Teton National Park - Grand Teton Loop - 12/16/13 Valley Trail, Death Canyon Trail, Alaska Basin Trail, Teton Crest Trail, Cascade Canyon Trail, Jenny Lake Trail, Garnet Canyon Trail, Amphitheater Lake Trail, Lower Saddle Route, Teewinot Mountain Trail, Avalanche Divide Trail, Static Peak, Buck Mountain, Veiled Peak, Mount Wister, South Teton, Cloudveil Dome, Nez Perce, Shadow Mountain, Disappointment Peak, Middle Teton The Enclosure, Grand Teton, Mount Owen, Mount Teewinot, and more!!!

Great Smoky Mountains - Gregory Bald - 02/07/14 Twentymile Trail, Long Hungry Ridge Trail, Gregory Bald Trail, Gregory Ridge Trail, Wolf Ridge Trail, Parson Bald, and more

Rocky Mountain National Park - Wild Basin - 04/16/14
Sandbeach Lake Trail, Finch-Pear Lake Trail, Wild Basin Trail, Campers Shortcut Trail, Allenspark Trail, Calypso Cascade Trail, Ouzel Lake Trail, Bluebird Lake Trail, Thunder Lake Trail, Lion Lake Trail, and more.

Colorado 14,000' Peak - Mount Elbert - Sawatch Range - 08/21/14 North Mount Elbert Trail (Northeast Ridge Route), South Mount Elbert Trail (East Ridge Route) and the Colorado Trail linking the two trailheads.

LSR - Phelps Lake Trails - Grand Teton National Park - 09/13/14 Map to a great trail from the Interpretive Center to and around Phelps Lake.

The Loop - Rocky Mountain National Park - West - 10/14/14 Map to the Loop: the North Inlet and Tonahutu Trails plus Haynach Lake Trail, Nanita Lake Trail, Green Mountain Trail, and Onahu Creek Trail.

Paintbrush Divide Loop Trail - Grand Tetons National Park (map only) - 12/30/14 - the loop hike route that climbs Paintbrush Canyon, crosses the divide, and descends the North Fork of Cascade Canyon and Cascade Canyon to return. Also included are a few popular lake hikes included: Jenny Lake, String Lake, Leigh Lake, Bearpaw, Trapper, Holly Lake, and Lake Solitude.

Colorado 14,000' Peak - Mount Massive Map - 01/27/15 - Colorado - Sawatch Range - Massive is the second highest mountain in Colorado. When viewed from Leadville - Massive dominates the skyline.

Colorado 14,000' Peak - Mount Yale Map - 01/30/15 - another Sawatch 14,000' peak - A great peak with easy trailhead access.

Glacier Gorge - Sky Pond Trail Map - 03/09/15 - trails from the Glacier Gorge Trailhead in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Deer Mountain Trail Map - 04/02/15 - trails around Deer Mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park. Map is a major update of old map.

Mount Audubon Trail Map - 08/15/15 - 13,223 feet - Indian Peak Wilderness, Roosevelt National Forest. The summit has a great view of the Continental Divide and Rocky Mountain National Park.

Metro Maps