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You don't need the best gear to climb, hike, or pedal; but the best gear might make climbing, hiking, or pedaling more enjoyable.

So what is the best gear? "Best" might actually be a misnomer because the best for one person might not be the best for another. For example, I don't use a pack's hip belt or chest compression (I feel like they disagree with my breathing). So I look for a pack that sits perfectly on my back with the weight carried on my shoulders. I do not wear my pack conventionally, so my pack choice might be different than yours. In general the best gear for me, might not be the best gear for you.

In writing about gear, we will say what we use and why we use it. It might not be the piece that fits your needs, but the review might still be interesting and help you with your decisions and purchases.

Some of the Gear Reviews, Book Reviews, and Gear Tips were originally pages from Metro to Mountain Journal.

Gear Reviews
Reviews of gear that we own and use.
Book and Screen Reviews
We have an extensive library and have reviewed a few.
Gear Tips
How to's for outdoor gear.
Gear for 14ers
The gear we took when climbing the Colorado 14ers and comments about each piece. Did it work or did it fail? Very informative for anyone going to the mountains.