Gear Tips

Summer Gear Report - the gear we used in the Summer of 2013

REI 100% Guarantee - a story about the guarantee

Years of Footwear - what I've learned through the years

Bandana - perhaps the most versatile in your pack

Walking in the Wet - tips for walking in the rain

Something to Be Thankful for ... REI's Customer Service - a story of great customer service

Summer Clothing - 2012 - what we wore

Daily Hiking Gear - 2012 - what is in our packs

Kitchen Kit 2012 - what we carry to cook with

Camping Gear Summer 2012 - the gear we used on our extented summer trip

Sewing with an Awl - the tricks to stiching

Gearaphobia - packing tips

Grommets - how to place a grommet

Shoe Kit - the repair and maintenance products we keep together in a shoe kit.

Stocking Stuffers - a few ideas on what to buy for Christmas

Summer Gear - '11 - the new gear we were testing

Winter Stove Tips - how to keep a stove purring in the winter months

Sticky Rubber - the only kind of rubber that should be on any shoes

Toilet Kit - putting a kit ogether of what you need for going in the woods

Missing Time - watches or not

CamelBak Accessories - modifications to a bladder

Spring Gear Cleaning - how to clean gear

Backcountry Stoves - what stoves work the best

Barefoot in the Park - comments on boots that just don't fit

Hoarders - so you hoard gear, so do we... just be willing to lend it

Canon - On Belay - a simple technique to safe guard your camera from falling

Bike Mechanic - spending time working on a bike

Snapshots - taking pictures

Guide Books - to use or not to use, that is the question

Bug Proofing a Megamid - sewing a mosquito netting on the hem of a tarp

Lists - in defense of making lists

Water Filters - filter comparison

Candle Lantern - the low tech lighting solution

Super Bowls - the best new bowls

The Fort - it's fun to have a fort in the back yard

Gear Heads - trying out the best

Trekking Poles - how to use the knee savers