Vaughn Creek Cross Country Trail

walker climbing a hill

The Vaughn Creek Cross Country Course is often used for cross country races. It is also a great trail to run, trot, jog, or walk. The 2.3 mile path is easy to follow and is well used. the Adventure Guide includes Trail Notes, Trail Mileage, and a detailed topo Map.

Park Info

Park: Warner Parks

Address: 7311 Highway 100, Nashville, TN 37221 (Nature Center)

Latitude: 36.06351, Longitude: -86.90166

Round-Trip Mileage: 2.30 miles for the outer loop

Directions: Go Interstate 40 to exit 199. Old Hickory Blvd. Exit and take Old Hickory south - towards Bellevue. Continue straight on Old Hickory for 3.5 miles, until it "T’s" into Highway 100 at a light. Turn left on Highway 100. Continue past the entrance to Edwin Warner Park (in .20 miles), straight through a light (Old Hickory continuing to the right), and look for the entrance to the parking area in the field to the right (about .50 miles from the entrance to Edwin Warner).

Trail Notes

The parking area is adjacent to Highway 100. Security should not be a problem.

There are no facilities at the trailhead. (The Nature Center at Edwin Warner Park is the closest.) There were privies at the trailhead (Sept 12) but they are probably only there for the cross country races.

trailhead kiosk

There is no water available at the trailhead.

Picnic tables were in front of the parking area.

Most of the trail would be exposed to the afternoon sun. It looks hot in the summer, but would be nice in the winter.

We saw quite a few runners and hikers using the trail.

Dogs also use the trails. Please keep them on leashes.

Some tripping hazards are marked with orange spray paint.

jogger heading across the field

There are no blazes used to mark the route. The course changes due to the varying lengths and is probably marked by the coaches and officials for each event. The route does follow a good worn path. Cedar trees are used as course markers.

The path comes near or crosses the Vaughn Gravel Road, the Main Drive - Park Road, the Mossy Ridge Trail (blazed red), and the Cane Connector Trail (red and white stripped). It would be easy to extend the mileage of the route.

painted race marker

There are other worn paths other than the ones indicated on the map. These are probably used to adjust the length of the course.

Vaughn Creek Cross Country Trail Mileage

Begin the course going along Hwy 100 toward Nashville

0.00 Trailhead

0.40 First right turn around cedar

0.60 Path joins the Vaughn Gravel Road for a short distance

1.00 Top of the hill, cross the paved road

1.50 Return to top of hill

1.60 Short connector trail to the right (continue straight)

1.85 Cross gravel entrance road

2.30 Return to Trailhead

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Vaughn Creek Cross Country Trail - pdf

Warner Parks Trails (large map) - pdf

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