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Trail Notes

Park Office

The Park Office is a great place to visit for current information, water, and restrooms.

Standing Stone Park reminded us alot of Cumberland Mountain State Park. We love the old cabins and stone work throughout the Park.

Starting the Lake Trail at the dam avoids the side trails that climb to the Park Office/cabin area.

There are seasonal restrooms near the trailhead below the dam.

We originally thought that the trail would follow the Lake for it's entire length. When we hiked the trail we found, the first half of the loop was in the hills above the Lake and the second half of the loop followed the shoreline. It was a great layout.

The Lake Trail uses green trail markers. The trail is well marked. Arrows are used for changes in direction.

The first climb after crossing the suspension bridge and leaving the dam, is probably the steepest one on the loop. There is a bench at the top.


Sidewalks (or paved pathway) are available along the Standing Stone Park Hwy (Hwy 136) from the Conference Center to the Campground. There is a road crossing near the Recreation Hall as the path changes sides of the road.

Practice minimum impact usage.

Lake Trail Mileage

0.00 Trailhead below the Dam of Kelly Lake cross Mill Creek on bridge to begin the hike.

0.65 Cross Standing Stone Park Hwy (Hwy 136) at Fisk House.

1.25 Reach Beach Road - go left and follow the road a few hundred feet. The trail leaves the road to the right.

2.20 Reach Beach Road again. Turn right and walk along the Lake.

2.50 Overton Lodge - Turn left off the road to the Lodge, pass between the Lake and the Lodge.

3.55 Upper Mill Creek Bridge - follow the lakeshore from the Lodge to Upper Mill Creek. (Do not turn onto the blue blazed Cooper Mountain trail.)

3.95 Trail Junction - cross the bridge, a drainage, and arrive at the junction with the Recreation Hall to the Lake Trail and the Cabin Spur.

4.60 Boat Rental - leave the trail junction and pass two boathouses along the north shore of the lake.

4.70 Return to Trailhead - carefully cross the main road (Hwy 136) as it crosses the top of the dam. Follow the secondary road to below the dam to return to the trailhead.

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