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Trail Notes

Special Note - The flood of May 2010 caused significant damage to the South Cove Trail. The trail was re-opened, including a new bridge over a ravine, in May of 2011.

The trail re-routing added .05 miles to the trail.

The short access trail that joins the South Cove and South Lake trails was probably an access trail for the bridge building and trail work.

The South Cove and Lake Trails are not as crowded as the other trails in the Park.

The climb to the top of the ridge on the South Cove Trail is equal to the climb of Ganier Ridge.

In the winter there are some great views of the lake through the barren trees.

View of Radnor Lake from the South Cove Trail

Benches line the trails.

The trails are a little rougher than the Ganier Ridge Trail.

The "hard" rating was taken from a Park map.

Both trails are shaded.

You must walk sections of Otter Creek Road to access the South Cove and South Lake Trails.

The east end of the South Cove Trail ends at the South Lake Trail.

As you walk the South Lake Trail, you stay just above the road. The small hills you must climb are a small price you have to pay for the less crowded route.

From Parking Areas to Trailheads

.20 miles - West Parking Area to west trailhead

.35 miles - East Parking Area to east trailhead

South Cove Trail Mileage

.00 West Trailhead (off Otter Creek Road)

.35 Climb to the ridgetop (at the old sign)

.60 Along the top of the ridge

.85 Descend from ridge to junction

1.15 Cross bridge and contour to the east

1.25 Descend to the South Lake Trail

South Cove Trail Mileage

.00 East Trailhead (off Otter Creek Road)

.10 Juction with South Cove Trail

.30 First cutoff to Otter Creek Road (to the right)

.45 Second cutoff to Otter Creek Road Goes downhill steeply at steps

.50 Junction with the access trail to South Cove Trail

.90 West junction with South Cove Trail and Otter Creek Road

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