Short Springs Natural Area, page 2

Trail Notes

We had trouble finding the area. We were not using a GPS.

There were no restrooms or water.

Benchmark on the trail down to the branch

Benchmark on the Machine Falls Trail

A kiosk was available at the trailhead and at the first trail junction.

The trail junctions are signed. The trails are blazed.

The kiosk at the first junction was hard to read.

The Busby Falls Loop is also called the Bobo Creek Trail.

Laurel Bluff Trail is a worthy add-on.

A few benches are dispersed along the Machine Falls Loop.

There is not really a trail leading to Machine Falls.

We did not see any litter.

brdige on the Connector Trail

Bridge crossing Machine Falls Branch on the Connector Trail

The leaves were deep (in the fall season).

At times the trails were difficult to follow (leaves); but they were well blazed. Jake, the dog, had no trouble showing us where to go.

Trekking poles would have been helpful in the deep leaves.

The return from Adams Falls sign to the trailhead is a pleasant, enjoyable stroll.

The parking area is beneath a water tower/tank with Short Springs Natural Area signed on the tank. We did not see the sign until returning on the trail.

Machine Falls, Busby Falls, Adams Falls Trails Loop - Mileage

.00 Short Springs Trailhead, Start of Machine Falls Trail

.10 Junction with Busby Falls/Bobo Creek Trail

.45 Junction with Laurel Bluff Tr (Bobo Creek Access)

.80 Junction with Machine Falls Trail

.85 Junction with Red Connector Trail

1.00 Machine Falls Branch

1.10 Adams Falls Trail junction

1.60 Adams Falls sign

2.20 Return to Machine Falls Trail

2.40 Junction with Red Connector Trail (other end of trail)

2.70 Cross Machine Falls Branch

3.05 Return to the Trailhead

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