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Trail Notes

Water and restrooms are available at the Museum -Visitors Center.

The trails are mostly shaded.

The trailhead has a large parking area.

The Optional Trails are spurs that lead to additional scenic areas.

The Alternate Trails are accessed from the western side of the Wall Trail (about mile 0.80). Hiking all three trails adds 2.10 miles to the Wall Trail mileage. The trails are also the easiest means of approaching the Duck and Little Duck Rivers.

The Enclosure Farm Road is used by walkers. In the morning it is shaded for almost the entire loop.

There are many social trails in the Park, especially near the rivers.

There were quite a few other visitors enjoying the Park with us. A group of four were trail running.

Trial on east side of the Enclosure

The two maps did not agree on a few of the names of trails or destinations. A few clarifications: Step Falls and Little Falls on the Little Duck River are the same. The Old River Channel Trail and the Moat Trail are the same trail. One section of the Little Duck River Loop Trail is the Backbone. The Wall Trail and Old Stone Fort trails are the same.

Park Rules ...

"Please Observe the following guidelines for site preservation and visitor safety:

  1. Foot traffic Only. No Bicycles. Strollers are not recommended.
  2. Please do not walk on the mounds. Use constructed crossover points.
  3. Stay on marked trails for best safety. Be aware of cliffs.
  4. No swimming is allowed.
  5. Pets must be on a leash at all times.
  6. Please have a parent or other responsible adult with children.
  7. It is against the law to disturb rocks, artifacts, plants or animals on this site and all State Park properties.

Natural hazards are always present in the natural environment of State Parks - please remain aware of potential dangers.
Park closes at sunset. Gates will be closed and locked."

The Park also offers picnicking, camping, and golf.

Please, do not litter, ever.

Wall Trail Mileage

.00 Museum (trailhead)

.15 Step Falls

.45 Optional Trail 2 - south corner of the trail

.80 Alternative Trail Junction

.95 Big Falls Area

1.10 Paper Mill

1.15 Optional Trail 4 to Blue Hole Falls

1.25 Return through the entrance mounds to the start of the trail

Note: the Wall Trail with the Optional Trails adds about .15 miles

Enclosure Farm Road Mileage

.00 Past the mounds at the start of the field

.35 Bench

.60 Enter the woods

.80 Arrow pointing left sign, go straight- not left

1.00 Return to the field

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