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Cane Creek Falls

Trail Notes

This great trail is a scenic cruise of the Park.

The Lower Loop Trail can be walked as a day hike.

For day hiking the Lower Loop, you can park at numerous locations. Checkout the map. It is a loop and will return to the same location. The guide and mileage data are referenced from the Overnight Trailhead.

Metal or white painted blazes mark the path. Signs are also used for navigation.

All water should be treated along the trail. Water is available near the main Fall Creek Falls Overlook and Nature Center.

The water pumps at the campsites do not work.

privies from Campsite 2

There are outhouses at Campsites 1 and 2. They are very old.

All campers must register at the Nature Center.

The Lower Loop Trail uses the Paw Paw Trail and the Woodland Trail. The Lower Loop Trail is also called the Overnight Trail.

Other than the climb out of Cane Creek Gorge, which is rated as difficult, the rest of the trail is moderate.

On either side of Cane Creek (in the gorge) are patches of poison ivy. On one hike, it was impossible not to at least brush the ivy. We washed off as soon as possible.

For a 25 five mile hike: hike the Upper Loop Trail staying the first night at Campsite 3, finish the Upper Loop and continue on the Lower Loop to Campsite 2, finish the Lower Loop.

The trail is a great trail run.

Always remember to respect the trail and practice minimum impact usage.

Icy Fall at Fall Creek

Lower Loop Trail Mileage

0.00 Overnight Trailhead Parking

0.55 Junction with Paw Paw Tr (North Junction)

2.35 Campsite 1

4.05 Cane Creek Bridge

5.10 Backcountry Site 2

7.60 Piney Creek Bridge

8.20 Cross Scenic Loop Road

8.65 Junction with Millikans Overlook Tr

9.60 Cross Scenic Loop Rd (near Fall Creek Falls)

9.75 Join Woodland Trail (follow signs to Nature Center)

10.50 Nature Center

10.90 Junction with Paw Paw Tr (South Junction)

11.45 Junction with Paw Paw Tr (North Junction) (end of loop)

12.00 Return to the Trailhead

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