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Trail Notes

The Hazard Cave Trail is rated as moderate; but is an easy moderate! It does have one set of steep steps.

The trail was easy to follow. Most junctions were marked with signs.

White blazes marked the trail.

The Cave is really an overhang; but still worth a visit.

sandwort sign

Cumberland Sandwort Protection sign

In the cave there were signs identifying the endangered Cumberland Sandwort plant. Please read the sign and do not harm the plant.

The mini gorge located after the cave is also a very unique area.

Restrooms and water were available at the picnic area (near the trailhead.)

There was no litter on the trail. The trail was in very good condition.

We did not see anyone else hiking the trail.

trickle falls at Hazard Cave

Trickle falls at near the cave exit

The alternate trailhead is along Hwy 154. The cave is less than a quarter of a mile from this trailhead.

The trail was shady.

Loop Trail Mileage

.00 Trailhead behind Shelter 2

.05 Trail junction, turn left

.20 Junction with the side trail to the Recreation Lodge

.35 Junction with a side trail that connects with the Natural Bridge Trail

.70 Steps coming from the alternative trailhead and road

.75 Steps on the trail

.90 Hazard Cave

1.20 Slanted bridge

1.25 Ledge along creek

1.55 Junction with the Ridge Trail

1.60 CCC bridge and junction with the Lakeview Trail, the Hazard Cave Trail does not cross the bridge, turn right - away from the bridge

1.65 Return to the first junction, ends the loop

1.70 Return to the trailhead

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