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Trail Notes

Cummins Falls became the 54th State Park on 22May12. Thanks to all the hard work and vision from the Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation and the State of Tennessee.

Entrance to the Park

The Park is open to the public, but has limited facilities.

Water and restrooms are in the plans. Privies are available, but more permanent structures are in the works.

Always practice the minimum impact usage.

Please do not litter.

Beware of high water levels.

The pool at the bottom of the Falls is a great swimming hole.

Gravel Road

The gated gravel road was the old route to the Falls Overlook. The Trail is a much better option and the same length.

Trillium along the rim

In the spring, Cummins Falls is a great wildflower walk.

This is a wilderness area. There are high cliffs, loose rocks, water, venomous snakes, and other dangers associated with wilderness areas. Please use extreme caution and respect the dangers. Obey all signage. Do not leave children unattended at any time.

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