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Trail Notes

This is a nice hike close to the Park Entrance. It does climb a steady hill, but it is not too tough.

A subdivision is encroaching on the Park's north side. The houses are noticeable from the trail in the winter. In the summer it might not be quite as obvious.

There were a number of geological features close to the trail. The trail winds through sink holes and rock gardens.

There were three other parties hiking the trail while we were hiking. I am sure it is more popular than the longer Hidden Springs Trail.

The trail is shaded for most of the route.

Note: the Park's info says the trail is 2.0 miles long, our GPS only showed 1.8 miles.

Cedar Forest Trail Mileage

.00 to .15 Trailhead to fork and sign pointing right

.15 to .55 Climb hill from fork to highest point in the Park

.55 to .80 Descend from knoll, pass sink hole

.80 to 1.20 Sink holes to rock gardens

1.20 to 1.65 Rock gardens back to fork

1.65 to 1.80 Fork back to trailhead

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Cedars of Lebanon State Park Trails - pdf


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