Bunkum Cave Trail, page 2

Trail Notes

The trail is rated as moderate and is easy to follow.

Signs were at each Junction.

The trail is blazed with green hiker icons.


The descent to the Cave is steep and includes stairs.

It is a loop trail.

Beware of the poison ivy. Know your leaves.

We saw no one else hiking the trail.

The trail is shaded.


Bunkum Cave Trail Mileage

.00 to .25 Bunkum Cave Trailhead to first (small) bridge

.25 to .35 Small bridge to second larger bridge

.35 to .50 Bridge to 2nd bench

.50 to .60 2nd bench to third bridge

.60 to .70 3rd bridge to Overlook Junction

.70 to .75 Overlook Junction to Overlook

.75 to .80 Overlook to Overlook Junction

.80 to .90 Overlook Junction to Cave Junction

.90 to 1.15 Cave Junction to the Mouth of Bunkum Cave

1.15 to 1.40 Return from Cave to Cave Junction

1.40 to 1.50 Cave Junction to Eastern Property Line

1.50 to 1.60 Fence to bench (actually the fourth bench)

1.60 to 2.05 Bench to small bridge with a bench

2.05 to 2.20 Small bridge to the last bench.

2.20 to 2.25 Bench to trailhead.

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