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Trail Notes

The Outdoor Center is a great facility. The only improvement we could see was for the facility to be open more. Hopefully, attendance and funds will increase someday soon.

Outdoor Centers Porch

Outdoor Center

The Outdoor Center has a great back porch. Even if the building is closed it is still a great porch to sit on and look out onto the farm below. In fact, if I lived closer to the Park, I would never build a porch, I would just go sit on theirs.

The fields were full of birds and probably lots of critters in the undergrowth hidden from our view. We only saw one deer, but saw the evidence of more.

Mosquitoes attacked us along one section of the trail, but they were not everywhere. If we had had repellent we would have applied, because the little suckers were definitely out for blood.

Bells Bend Trail

A shaded section of the trail.

There were great views especially along the river and then above the river in the highlands area.

It was not crowded. We saw five people.

I would imagine it would be very hot hiking the trail in the summer. There is basically no shade.

Loop Trail Mileage

.00 to .10 Poplar Hollow Trailhead to junction with Loop Trail

.10 to .20 Loop trail junction to junction with Group Camping Area

.20 to .60 Camping Area junction to first farm road crossing

.60 to .70 First farm road crossing to river

.70 to 1.25 Trail alongside the river

1.25 to 1.40 River to confusing second junction with farm road

1.40 to 1.65 Second farm road junction to third farm road junction

1.65 to 1.85 Third farm road junction to yet a fourth farm road junction (which curves toward barn)

1.85 to 2.20 Fourth farm road junction to main intersection with wide, mowed path running between the barn and the Outdoor Center

2.20 to 2.40 Trail follows creek to junction with Access trail.

2.40 to 2.50 Turn right on Access Trail to return to Poplar Hollow Parking

Note: The trail is not signed or marked. No worries though. It is truly a loop. Just go straight at every intersection.

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