Ellington Agricultural Center Trail System,
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Trail Notes

Water and restrooms are available at the Museum.

There is a restroom on the left side of the overflow parking area across Marchant Drive; the restroom was open on a Sunday morning 10/23/11.

There are several water spigots along the trail. I would still carry my own water instead of relying on the spigot to work.

The trail was easy to follow. There were signs at most junctions. There were no signs in the north field, but the paths seperated and then joined.

There were many places to park for the Rogers Walk, not just at the Iris Garden.

Going through the Museum area was the most confusing to us, especially on the Museum Connector Trail.

There were several unmapped side paths. I am not sure where they lead.

The north field would be exposed to the sun during the summer. On your first visit learn the main path, then explore!

About half of the total walk is in the shade.

The horses in the pasture were very friendly, but treat all animals respectfully.

They allow dogs on the trail. The dogs should be leashed.

The trail passes a couple of easy access points to Seven Mile Creek. Our dog, Jake, enjoyed the side trip.

The Seven Mile Creek Greenway is on the other side of the creek. Good access points are the trailhead at Whitfield Park or a short detour from the Rogers Walk trail.

Seven Mile Creek Greenway is a good place to walk a dog.

Rogers Walk Trail Mileage

.00 Iris Garden Trailhead

.10 Enter the woods at the Iris Garden

.20 Museum and Pioneer Village

.30 Cross Marchant Drive

.40 Sharp switchback at old fence

.45 Wooden bridge

.55 Dirt road

.75 Marchant Drive crossing and junction with the Campus Connector Trail

.80 Path to the right leads to Seven Mile Creek

1.05 Start of the (north) field.

1.40 Junction with the other end of the Campus Connector Trail.

1.65 Cross the Ag Center Rd at the Hogan Road Entrance

1.70 Return to the Iris Garden Trailhead

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