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a cool breakfast at Lawn Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

Trail Sense

Trail Sense - the intro

Fitness - getting in shape

Pack Weight - how much weight is in that thing

Choosing a Pack - pick wisely

Tents - shelter

Sleeping Systems - bags and more

All the Lightest Gear - pack, bag, and tent

Road Trips - by some means you have to get to the wilderness

Gas Stove Tips - liquid burners

Canister Stove Tips - canister burners

Shortcutting - cutting the corners - no, no, no

Holidays on the Trails - ideas for celebrating

Navigation - Where Am I? - your location

Navigation - Where Am I Going? - your destination

Navigation - Ho Do I Get There? - the route

Basic Map and Compass - map location

Dog Walking - how to's

More Navigating Tips - even more on Navigation

GPS Settings - how to get more from your GPS

GPS Navigating - using the GPS to find your way

Importance of Food - fueling the engine

An Edible Diet - pack food you will eat

Kitchen - gear to cook with

Kitchen Extras - some kitchen tips

Cooking - a few cooking tips

Packing a Pack - stowing all of it inside

Ticks - blood suckers - argh!

Mosquito Moments - buzzzzz

Mosquito Control - how to keep them at bay

Training - training to be a hiker

Lightning - avoiding the big shock

Snakes - sharing a trail with the reptile

Blisters - how to avoid and treat

Hypothermia - tricks for staying warm