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Rock and stick man wearing a t-shirt on the Sandia Crest Trail

Summer Stories

Low Batteries - keeping the gps powered

Tales of Summer - a friend's tale of their summer trip and wildlife adventures

How Far is It? - what everyone seems to want to know

Navigating with a Map or Not - learning to know your location

Away from the Trailhead - the hikers seem less friendly the closer to the trailhead they are located

Jangling Packs - carrying a heavy pack

Stormy Wranglers - overhearing the wranglers spiel

Sticks and Stones - alternatives to tp

Road Crossings - tips for crossing a buy park road

Footprints in the Snow - following the steps of others

Lost on the Trail - a lost family

Helping Spirit - a kind friend

Pyramid Fun - a tale from Pyramid Mountain

Scared - comments from passerby hikers

The Case of the Missing Pole - lost and found

Halletts Peak Story - green genie pants

The Photo Opportunity - an offer for a group photo

Gem Lake Stunts - daring cliff climbers change their mind

Mountains of Advice - advice on Pikes Peak's Barr Trail

Fast Hikers - a lesson in pace

Chased by a Bear - at least it sounded like a bear

Sounds of Music - hiking your own hike

Sunscreen Conspiracy - what really caused the pine beetle infestation

Misplaced - off route, way off route

Doing the Duty on the La Luz - a dog's story?

A Bit of Warning, a Sandia Adventure - a hiker trying to beat the system

How Far Is It (Again) - meeting a young hiker

Leaving a Pack - leaving a pack along the trail

Solitude - sharing Lake Solitude

Afternoon Storms - dodging the weather

Steps - high steps on the trail

Sleeping on the Trail - hikers laying across the trail

Contrails - planes over the parks

There's Poop on the Trail - from the mouths of babes

Pollen - what to do with the green stuff

McGregor Slab, Direct - story from a day on the rock

The Heat is On - dealing with the heat

Mosquito Bait - repellent, don't leave home without it