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Climbing Grays Peak, Colorado

Skills - General

From the files Metro to Mountain, some topics were grouped together as series while others were just random. An experience on the mountains, trails, or paths led to writing the article. If you did not find a topic on one of the other pages, then try here.

1st Fourteener - tips on climbing 14,000' mountains. Most of the tips would also be for climbing a 1,400' mountain too. :-))

1st Fourteener Links - links to some of our favorite pages giving more info on climbing, scrambling, and hiking

A Breathing Challenge - tips from the Barr Trail

To Breathe or Not to Breathe - a few acclimating tips

The Pressure on Breathing - still more on acclimating, pressure breathing

Pacing - leading a group

Better Group Hiking - tips on being a group leader and for hiking as a group

Walking Easier - Steps - ease the effort

An Outdoor Paradox - starting late and unprepared

Walking in the Dark - the alpine start

Rescue - trying to avoid having to call for help

Turn Around - should I stay or should I go

Motivation - keeping going when you are ready to quit

Mountain Sense - lower the risk in the mountains

Glissading - some tips on sliding

A Good Trail - the joys of trail design

Day Pack Gear List - what we carry in our packs

Packing Mistakes - oops, I forgot what?

Not Losing It - keeping track of all your gear (while on the trail)

The Labor of the Trail - learning to carry the load

Mountainous Dog Walking - tips for hiking in the mountains with dogs

Hydration Lessons - filtering and treating water

10 Items for a Backcountry Kitchen - making a kitchen suitable for a backpacking trip

Moving Over Loose Stones - rocks, scree, talus - oh my

Surviving the Storm - tips on weathering a storm in the outdoors

100 Miles - 100 miles of trails and 100 miles of greenways close to Nashville

cloudhiking's Maps and Guides to Rocky Mountain National Park - a Metro to Mountain article on the Colorado Park