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Timber Lake Trail - Rocky Mountain National Park

Trail Notes

There are privies at the trailhead, but no water.

The parking area was not busy at 6am.

The trail/route is popular.

The trailhead was much busier when we returned.

Beware of the weather. Carry appropriate gear.

Alpine starts (early morning) are major keys to success in the mountains. The trail does not go above treeline, but it is still a good idea to start early.

There were quite a few parties on the trail around 11am.

In 2012 there had been a landslide that closed the Timber Lake Trail until the terrain was stable. The trail crosses the landslide debris.

There are 5 camping areas along the trail. Each backcountry site has it's advantages. None of the sites would be a bad choice for an overnight trip.

A privy is located almost next to the trail between the two Jackstraw campsites.

Mount Ida may be climbed from Timber Lake, but it would be a long day hike. The climb would need an alpine start.

Moose near the Jackstraw campsites

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Timber Lake Trail Mileage

0.00 Timber Lake Trailhead

0.65 Bridge crossing Beaver Creek

1.40 Boulders rest area

2.40 Landslide of 2012

3.10 Junction with side trail to Timber Creek Campsite

3.30 Long Meadows Trail junction

4.20 First Jackstraw Campsite

4.85 Snowbird Campsite

5.00 Timber Lake

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Mount Ida and Timber Lake - pdf


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