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Sandbeach Lake - page 2

pond along the trail

A pond along the trail

Route Notes

Our hike when we took the photographs of the route was the 1st of July 2011. The spring of 2011 left a much larger than normal snowpack.

The trailhead has ample parking, but I do not remember seeing food storage lockers. Please take precautions to properly secure your vehicle.

The initial slope to the top of the moraine faces south and can be hot. An early morning start eases the heat.

Lateral moraines form ridge like features on either side of Wild Basin. To the north the lateral moraine (Copeland Moraine) is crossed by the Sandbeach Lake Trail and to the south the lateral moraine is crossed by the Finch Lake Trail and the Calypso Cascade Trail.

A lateral moraine is the debris that is pushed to the sides of the moving glacier. The lateral moraine marks the edge of the ice before the glacier retreats. Lateral moraines are often ridges.

Hunters Creek footbridge

Footbridge over Hunters Creek

Water is accessible along the trail from Campers Creek and Hunters Creek. Naturally, the water should be treated or filtered.

The last climb from the bridge at Hunters Creek to Sandbeach Lake is probably the toughest. Save a little extra energy for the final push.

Sandbeach Lake is also a great camp for climbing Mount Orton or exploring the Hunters Creek drainage.

Mount Meeker looks very close from Sandbeach Lake, but it is still a good distance away. There is not a maintained trail leading to Meeker. Good crosscountry skills and route finding are required for the trek.

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Sandbeach Lake Trail Mileage

0.00 Sandbeach Lake Trailhead

1.30 Top of moraine, junction with Meeker Park Trail

2.40 Campers Creek footbridge

3.40 Hunters Creek footbridge

4.30 Sandbeach Lake

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Wild Basin Trails - pdf

Wild Basin Trails - geo - pdf


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