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Amphitheater Lake Trail - Grand Tetons

Climb Notes

The parking are at Lupine Meadows is often times crowded. Do not park on the grass. The NPS will ticket you.

Most mornings of the summer the parking area is filled by 0900. The hike from Jenny Lake (whose parking area also fills) is very easy.

Restrooms (privies) are available at Lupine Meadows Trailhead. There is no water.

The creek from Glacier Gulch that is crossed at .60 miles is a reliable source. You will need water on the exposed switchbacks. There is also a spring (intermittent) on the first crossing of the slope above the Valley Trail Junction.

Carry a detailed map with you, either printed or electronic. Consult the map at every junction or any other time things just don't seem right!

Bear eating near the trail

For some reason, either good luck or bad luck, we have seen bears numerous times on the trail after it crosses the creek at Glacier Gulch. Keep a sharp eye, make noise, and be careful!

At junctions and switchbacks the secluded areas nearby see a lot of potty action. Please dig a hole, pack out all paper, or pack out everything!

The slopes above the Valley Trail Junction have long switchbacks are exposed to the weather. The area is extremely hot in the afternoons.

We saw a swimmer in Amphitheater Lake.

outlet stream

There is an outlet stream from Amphitheater Lake that fills Surprise Lake (and another outlet for Surprise Lake), but it is not on our map. The outlet is not listed in the database or on the USGS map. We might add it later.

Backcountry camping is allowed at Surprise Lake, but permits are required.

From Amphitheater Lake, climbing routes go to the top of Disappointment Peak. Consult with a guidebook for more information.

As always, please practice minimum impact procedures in order to lessen your footprint.

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Amphitheater Lake Trail Mileage

0.00 Lupine Meadow Trailhead

0.60 Bridge over creek at Glacier Gulch

1.70 Valley Trail Junction

3.00 Garnet Trail Junction

3.85 3rd switchback above Garnet Trail Junction

4.60 Surprise Lake

4.80 Amphitheater Lake

Notes: The trail does not use blazes, but is easy to follow. Signs are posted at every junction. The mileage is for one way distance.

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