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Stones River Greenway - Skate Park to Kohls

Date Hiked: 6/12/10

Greenway: Stones River Greenway

Address: Two Rivers Park, Two Rivers Parkway,
Nashville, TN 37214

Skate Park Trailhead
Latitude: 36.18725, Longitude: -86.68664
Two Rivers Trailhead
Latitude: 36.19197, Longitude: -86.67743
Heartland Trailhead
Latitude: 36.19034, Longitude: -86.66853
Kohl's Trailhead
Latitude: 36.18538, Longitude: -86.63432

One Way Mileage: 4.90 Miles

Other Paths Connecting to the Greenway: Shelby Bottoms Greenway

For Map, Trail Mileage, GPS, and Trail Notes go to Page 2

Pre-Trip Comments

The Two Rivers Skate Park to Kohls Store section of the Stones River Greenway links Hermitage area to Donelson and on to East Nashville and Downtown. This great path is just a continuation of the Shelby Bottoms Greenway. It does have a very steep hill (for greenways) located between McGavock Pike and the Heartland Trailhead.

The Path

Directions: The Two Rivers Park Skate Park Trailhead is located in the Donelson, TN area. Take exit 10 off Briley Pkwy and go east (away from the river) on Two Rivers Parkway. The Trailhead is on the right in the Wave Country area.

The Kohls Trailhead is located at 2330 Jackson Downs Boulevard, Hermitage, TN. Jackson Downs is off Lebanon Road at the Target Shopping Center. The trailhead is in the parking area near the Stones River.

Skate Park at Two Rivers Park

Two Rivers Skate Park

From the Skate Park Trailhead pass the Skate Park on your right and cross the park entrance road.


Crossing road to Wave Pool and passing playground

The path goes downhill as it curves around the playground and thru a Disc Golf course.

hill to Two River Pkwy

Steep hill with rest benches

Rising to the top of the next rise the path then descends steeply to a tunnel. The path goes under Two River Parkway. It is .45 miles from the trailhead to the Two Rivers Parkway tunnel.

Parkway Tunnel

Tunnel under Two Rivers Parkway

After going thru the tunnel the path climbs easily with McGavock High School across the road to the right and the golf course to the left.

Clubhouse Road crossing

Intersection with Clubhouse road

.40 miles from the tunnel, the path intersects a roadway. The road leads left to the Clubhouse of the golf course.

clubhouse and golf course


Leveling out the path continues to Two Rivers Trailhead on the right after .30 miles.

Two River Park Trailhead

Two Rivers Park Trailhead

In .20 miles the path crosses another road, it goes left to a dead end.

road to dead end

Crossing Park road and up a slight hill to the Middle School

A slight rise brings the path to the Two Rivers Middle School and crosses one of the school roads.

McGavock Bridge

After crossing school road, the path goes under McGavock Pike - the Middle School is off to the left

Descending the path comes to the second tunnel. The tunnel goes under McGavock Pike.

steep hill to Heartland

Steep hill from the tunnel to Heartland

After passing under the road, the path shares the Stones River Road as it descends very steeply to Heartland. Use care!

path splitting to right

Path splits to the right

Near the bottom of the hill the path splits to the right.

Water Works

Water Treatment Plant on the left

From the tunnel it is .40 miles to the Heartland Trailhead. To the left is the secure Water Treatment Plant.

Heartland Trailhead

Heartland Trailhead

To the right is the trailhead and soccer/sports fields.

Soccer fields

Heartland Sports Fields

The path continues along the Water Treatment's fence line. Turning a corner to the left the path heads toward a bridge crossing the Stones River and leaves the soccer fields behind. It is .40 miles from the Heartland Trailhead to the bridge.

Stones River Bridge

Stones River Bridge

Leaving the bridge the path curves left as it head to a point overlooking the confluence of the Stones and Cumberland Rivers.

overlooking the Cumberland and Stones Rivers

Overlooking the Stones and Cumberland Rivers

As the path leaves the point it follows a narrow swath of land between the Cumberland River on the left and a farm on the right. The terrain is rolling.

path along farm

Rolling trail along Golf Course

.80 miles from the Stones River Bridge the path turns right at the property line and leaves the Cumberland River. The path continues sandwiched between the Ravenwood Golf Course and the farm.

Path and Stones River Road junction

Path intersecting Stones River Road

In .35 miles the path intersects Stones River Road and the private entrance to the farm.

Gate on Stones River Road

Road Gate

Continue left on the road toward Lebanon Road. After almost one mile on the road a gate is positioned across the road to stop motorized vehicle traffic. Bike and pedestrian lanes are on the right.

Ravenwood Golf Club

Ravenwood entrance at the road gate

Ravenwood in to the left at the gate closure.

River Song Cabin

River Song

Just beyond the gate the River Song cabin overlooks the Stones River.

Lebanon Rd Bridge

Old Stones River Bridge

Before reaching Lebanon Road the path leaves Stones River Road and goes right to join the old Lebanon Road. The path crosses Stones River on the old bridge (no vehicles).

Kohls Trailhead

Kohls Trailhead

After crossing the river the path leaves the old roadway to the right and winds back under the bridge. The Kohls trailhead is just on the other side of the bridge, 4.90 miles from the Skate Park Trailhead.