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Richland Creek Greenway

bridge over Richland Creek, bridge is connected with long raised board walks

The Guide to Richland Creek Greenway includes a path description, photographs of the paths, comments from our walks, runs, and rides, mileage data, custom Richland Greenway topo map, and the Richland Greenway tracklog on a geo-pdf map. The guide will familiarize you with the Richland Greenway and help you to enjoy the area.

Greenway Data

Date Hiked: 10/05/09, Page updated: 05/19/14

Park: McCabe Park, Nashville, TN

Type of Path: greenway, paved multi-use

McCabe Trailhead Latitude: 36.138692
Longitude: -86.841611

Round-Trip Mileage for the Loop: 2.75 miles

Other Trails Connecting to the Greenway: Music City Bikeway

For Map, Trail Mileage, GPS, and Trail Notes go to Page 2

Pre-Trip Comments

The Richland Creek Greenway was completed in 2007. The paths serve as an alternative transportation network connecting communities with stores, restaurants, entertainment, and recreation. The paths are also used as fitness paths for power walkers, runners, and bikers and recreational paths for many as they just go for a walk in the park.

The Greenway

Golf Course entrance

Directions to McCabe Trailhead: The trailhead is at the entrance to McCabe Golf Course off Sloan Road. From 440 - exit onto West End Ave and head west (away from town). Continue on West End for 1 mile to Cherokee Rd on the right. OR From White Bridge Road take Harding/West End toward town for .65 mile and turn left onto Cherokee. Once on Cherokee, travel .65 mile to the entrance of McCabe Golf Course on the left. By the way at the railroad underpass, Cherokee changes names to Sloan Rd. The trailhead is on the right. Parking is available.

McCabe Trailhead kiosk

A kiosk and 'you are here' map is available at the kiosk.

The propeller at McCabe Trailhead

The McCabe Trailhead was designed to represent an airplane's propeller. McCabe Golf Course was once McCabe Field, an airport.

Greenway along Sloan Road

From McCabe Trailhead cross the entrance drive to the Golf Course and travel downhill on the greenway between Sloan Rd and the golf course.

Leaving Cherokee Trailhead, train is to the left

At the bottom of the short hill, the greenway comes to a tee near the Cherokee Access (or trailhead) at 0.15 mile. To the left (feet away) is Cherokee Rd and to the right is the greenway. Turn right as the path travels adjacent to the train tracks.

Wayside bench along the greenway

As the path follows close to the tracks, there are a couple of 'waysides'. A wayside is a bench that is positioned to the side of the path.

When a train passes it may be loud.

nearing Dutchmans Curve a historical site

Past the second 'wayside' the path descends (fairly steeply) and after 0.50 mile (from Cherokee) comes to another junction at 0.65 mile from McCabe Trailhead. This is Dutchmans Curve scene of the tragic train wreck of 1918. The bridge at the junction is the pathway that leads .40 mile to the NES - White Bridge Rd Trailhead and .20 mile further to the Hills Center Trailhead at the Publix. The Hills Center and nearby Belle Meade Shopping Center have many food and drink options.

Under where the old railroad tracks  stood at Dutchmans Curve

Dutchmans Curve is a good rest stop. There is an information placard available at the site.

Elevated walkway leading to the bridge over Richland Creek

Continuing from Dutchmans Curve the path finds passage between the golf course and Richland Creek. Soon the path reaches the elevated boardwalk which continues until the bridge spanning Richland Creek.

Lions Head Junction

After crossing the creek, the path climbs to the junction with the spur connector to Lions Head at .20 mile from Dutchmans Curve and 0.85 mile from McCabe Trailhead. Turn left at the junction for access to the south section of Nashville State Community College and for the Lions Head Trailhead (Target, Stein Mart, and many food and drink options) at 0.25 mile. The path to Lions Head and the next section on the main greenway loop (to Wyoming Trailhead) are also part of the Music City Bikeway. Link to Bikeway map.

The red tower of the ROTC complex

Staying straight at the Lions Head junction, continues the Loop on the greenway. The red tower to the left of the path is part of the ROTC facility at Nashville State Community College.

Wayside near the junction with the Nashville State Community College and Knob Road access spurs.

Continue past the ROTC. After passing a wayside, the junction with the Knob Rd/Nashville State Community College (NSCC). The junction is 0.35 mile from the Lions Head junction and a total of 1.20 miles from McCabe Trailhead.

The spur trail offers access to Knob Rd at 0.15 mile and then continues to access the northern sections of Nashville State Community College and White Bridge Road at 0.40 mile.

Downhill to second bridge crossing Richland Creek

From the spur junction, the path heads downhill and crosses back over Richland Creek.

Path along the golf course

The path continues along the golf course (with Richland Creek to the left) for a long stretch.

54th Ave N access - trail kiosk and bench

After going around the 15th Green (golf course), the path comes to the 54th Ave access.

steep hill leading to Wyoming Trailhead

Leaving the 54th Ave access point, the path turns to the left and climbs a short, but steep grade. This is the steepest grade on the greenway.

Wyoming Trailhead

As the climb eases the Wyoming Ave Trailhead is within view. The trailhead is 0.80 mile from the Knob Rd/NSCC and 2.00 miles total from McCabe Trailhead. The trailhead has parking, a trail kiosk, benches, and a seasonal privy.

The Music City Bikeway departs the Richland Creek Greenway at Wyoming Trailhead. The Music City Bikeway follows Wyoming to 46th Ave N and on to Charolotte Ave. See link to Bikeway map.

view across fields of clover as the path heads toward 51st Ave

Leaving Wyoming Trailhead, the path crosses a field heading toward 51st Ave. The field was once the site of the Nashville children's home - Richland Village.

Path along Nebraska as it reaches elevated walk and bridge.

At the corner of 51st and Nebraska, the path turns left and reaches another raised boardwalk. The path crosses an intermittent creek/drainage and then turns right and climbs next to houses.

Baseball field - the Mainetance building is to the right

The path then curves among trees and travels between the baseball fields and the golf course maintenance building.

Between the ball fields are access points for 49th Ave and 48th Ave.

McCabe Community Center

The Loop stops in the Community Center Parking at 2.55 miles (0.55 mile from Wyoming Trailhead). The rest of the path is currently under construction (May '14). The path will cross the parking area.

Path under counstruction leading toward the Murphy Road entrance to McCabe Greenway

Then, follow, as a multi-use path, along the parking area and road access. as it goes around the golf course's driving range the path climbs a bit to the clubhouse.

path still underconstruction at the clubhouse

The path will go around the clubhouse. Caution - the path will be crossing through a congested area.

Path under construction going around the practice greens

Clear of the clubhouse, the path will go around the practice greens and return to the McCabe Trailhead at 0.20 mile from the Community Center parking area and for a total of 2.75 miles.