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Patriot Lake Trail, page 2

Trail Notes:

The trail is a simple paved path around the lake.

A sign indicated bicycles and skates to go in a counter clockwise direction.

No motorized boats are allowed on the lake. I did see a sailboard rider when I visited. It was very windy that day.

fisherman near the pier

Fishing near the Pier

Fishermen were dispersed around the lake.

Restrooms and water are available at the Visitor Center. There were also portable facilities in the parking area below the Visitor Center; but I am not sure if they were regular fixtures or not.

The path is not shaded.

It would be easy to increase your mileage by walking the trail twice or walking one of the other trails.

Wolf River Crossing

Wolf River Connector Trail

Patriot Lake Trail Mileage

.00 Trailhead below the Visitor Center

.50 Gazebo/Shelter

.55 Lake's SE corner with Trash Receptacle and Bench

1.10 Circle Turn Around

1.30 Junction with Wolf River Trail

1.60 Junction with Marina Road

1.65 Return to Trailhead

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Shelby Farms Park - pdf


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