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Harpeth River Greenway, page 2

Trail Notes:

Nothing noted the paths existence, signs or kiosks. It was an unsigned, paved path. There were however mileage posts.

No signage indicates the trailhead locations.

There is no water or facilities at the trailheads. If open, you might be able to find restrooms and water at the Exchange Club. The Warner Park Nature Center, which is close to the Woolwine Trailhead has water and facilities.


There were plenty of people walking or running along the path. We might have been the only people in Nashville who did not know the trail existed.

We only met one person riding a bike.

The path is level. It is a suitable path for strollers and wheelchairs.

The greenway path does not offer much shade.

Ensworth School

Ensworth School posted constant behavioral reminders, such as: no dogs, no trespassing, etc. Please respect their property.

Prior to hiking the greenway, I had no idea what the Exchange Club was. The Exchange Club is a youth sports field complex on McPherson Dr in Bellevue.

Icy waters on the path

One short stretch of the path was flooded and iced when we walked it. It looked wet and even treacherous (if on a bike). We bypassed it through the bushes on the side.

On our return trip we visited the Butler Field Trailhead. It was a parking area once again without a kiosk or signs.

Butler Field Trailhead

The trailhead in Butler Field - there is no signage

Leaving Butler Field we joined the Harpeth Woods Trail (blue blaze) and returned to the parking area by the trail. The total distance 5.5 miles.

When the path is completed, it will make a great Bellevue to Warner Park linear connection.

We were pleasantly surprised by the path. We loved it. We are looking forward to other good surprises.

Name of Trail Mileage

.00 to .40 Woolwine Trailhead to Hicks Road

.40 to .70 Hicks Road to path junction

.70 to 1.00 Path junction to "T" at the Little Harpeth

1.00 to 1.25 "T" to Vaughn Creek Bridge

1.25 to 1.85 Vaughn Creek Bridge to Hwy 100 Bridge

1.85 to 2.15 Hwy 100 Bridge to side trail leading to Exchange Club parking area

2.15 to 2.25 Side trail to gravel utilities road

2.25 to 2.35 Gravel road to McPherson

2.35 to 2.50 McPherson to Exchange Club gate.

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