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Chickasaw Trail and Greenline Connector

Date Hiked: 04/15/11

Park: Shelby Farms Park Conservancy

500 North Pine Lake Drive
Memphis, TN 38134

Type of Path: paved multi-use trail

Latitude: 35.13912, Longitude: -89.83213

Round-Trip Mileage: 2.75 miles

Other Trails in the Park: Patriot Lake Trail, Tour de Wolf Trail, Wolf River Connector Trail, Greenline Trail

For Map, Trail Mileage, GPS, and Trail Notes go to Page 2

Pre-Trip Comments

Amy, my wife was going to Memphis for a teaching conference. I joined her and was going to use the trip to check out the Park. It rained hard the night before and while we driving to Memphis that morning. The grounds were very wet when I entered the parking area and the Visitor Center. At the last moment I chose to hike the paved path rather than the trail.

The Paths

Directions: Directions: From Walnut Grove Road and I-240 go east on Walnut Grove for less than two miles. Go left at the light on Farm Road. Veer right onto North Pine Lake Drive. The Visitor Center is to the right.

Chickasaw Trail

Visitor Center

Visitor Center from Parking Area

Leaving the parking area at the Visitor Center cross the road and head north on the path.

start of trail

Start of Chickasaw Trail - after crossing road at Visitor Center Parking

The path is close to a pond, a feeder for Patriot Lake.

steep hill

Steep Hill leads to Road Crossing

The path continues through an open, grassy area, on the right side of the pond. Curving left the path crosses a creek and then climbs a hill. It is not an incredibly steep hill; but it is the steepest on the route.

Tree at top of the hill

Tree at the top of the Hill

At the top of the hill the trail passes under a huge oak tree and crosses the road. Use caution.

road crossing

Road Crossing - .20 miles

A parking area is at the crossing. It is .20 miles from the trailhead to the crossing.

Bison Range

Bison Herd near the Path

Across the road the path continues between the Bison Range on the left and the Disc Golf Course on the right.

Mayor Lake

Mayor Lake - .45 miles

Leaving the bison the path comes to a clearing and Mayor Lake. (The Lake was drained when I walked the path). The lake is .25 miles from the crossing.

Chickasaw Lake

Chickasaw Lake - .75 mile (marker)

Reentering the woods the path is soon at Chickasaw Lake. Chickasaw is much bigger than Mayor. From the dam you are able to see Farm Road and the picnic area.

start of the Greenline Connector Trail

Start of Greenline Connector Trail - .90 miles

Just a short distance after leaving Chickasaw Lake the path reaches a split. The Greenline Connector Trail goes straight (or left). The Chickasaw Trail continues to the right.

Greenline Connector Trail

Gate on the Greenline Connector

Looking back at the Gate

From the split go straight or left. Pass through a gate and continue on the paved path. A dirt road then branches off to the left (to Farm Road, Gate 4).

tree line along creek

The First Creek Crosses the Path in the Trees - 1.15 miles

At .25 miles from the start of the Greenline Connector, a creek is crossed as the trail passes through lush fields.


Second Creek Crossing - 1.40 miles

Another creek is crossed in .25 miles from the first creek.

Op Center near the junction

Ops Center on the Right, Junction Ahead

Continue uphill on an easy grade as the path comes parallel to Farm Road and the Ops Center

Greenline Trailhea

Mullins Station - Farm Road Junction, Start of the Greenline - 1.50 miles

The path ends at the Mullins Station - Farm Road intersection (at the Ops Center). Use care crossing Mullins Station Road. The Greenline Path begins at the intersection. Length of trail from Visitor Center is 1.50 miles.

Chickasaw Continued


Garden of Trees Line the Path

Back at the intersection with the Greenline Connector Trail, go right. The trail passes through an arboretum (the garden of identified trees).

Curving path

Curvy Path on the North Side of the Park

The path heads east as it curves in and out of ravines in order to maintain an even grade.

Parking at Gate 8

Parking Area at Gate 8 - 1.85 miles

The parking and picnic areas at Gate 8 is reached at .95 miles from the Connector Junction.

Trail Junction

Trail Splits, Chickasaw Trail Goes Right - 2.05 miles

Continuing, the path leaves the parking area on Mullins Station Road and follows the tree line. After .20 miles go right at a junction. Left leads to a parking area near Gate 9.

horse Path crossing

Horse Path Crossing

Enter the woods and follow through some low lands as the horse trail crosses the path.

Woodland Discovery Playground

Woodland Discovery Playground, Wow! - 2.25 miles

The Woodland Discovery Playground is seen .20 miles further. Awe at the fun the children having fun as the path goes around the north side of the playground.

Restrooms and Water at Playground

Restroom and Water at the Playground

A restroom and water is located on the south side of the playground in a few hundred feet.

Pine Lake

Pine Lake Road Crosses the Dam, the path crosses the Road - 2.45 miles

Leaving the Playground the path crosses (use care) the road near the Pine Lake Dam.

Side Pond

A Small Pond Next to the Path

The path continues parallel to another pond and on for a short distance to the Visitor Center Road.

looking a tthe end of the trail

The End of the Loop, the Visitor Center Parking is ahead - 2.75 miles

The parking area is down hill and to the right (behind the Visitor Center.)