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Trail Notes

There were no facilities at the Narrows of the Harpeth.

The area was well kept.

bridge near trailhead

Bridge near Trailhead

There were picnic tables near the Trailhead - at the takeout point.

On the trail to the Historic Tunnel, there was a very informative kiosk on the history of the area.

The GPS recorded the total distance of the Narrows trails and road to the tunnel inlet was 2.1 miles.

bridge in cove

Bridge over drainage in cove

The Narrows hike was very scenic, historic, and enjoyable.

The temperature was in the twenties in January when we hiked the Narrows. We did see two other hikers. They thought the trail was the greatest.

warning sign

Caution Sign

Before going onto the ridge, signs warned hikers of the drop offs. Keep children in tow.

A third trail leading from the saddle went just a few feet to the Narrows of the Harpeth Road. It is a short distance (.2 miles) from the junction to the inlet side of the tunnel.

The upriver side of the Narrows Tunnel is unmarked. It is at a large parking area with stairs leading to a viewing area.

We met the Park Ranger who works at the Narrows. She was very helpful and offered to include us on a guided tour.

looking at the river from the bluff

View of the Harpeth from the Bluff Overlook

The Narrows is a great place to float a boat. It is also a good short hiking destination.

Loop Trail Mileage

.00 Trailhead

.10 Under Harris Street Bridge

.30 Bridge over drainage in cove

.40 Saddle between Bell Hill and Narrows Bluff

.60 Historic Tunnel Outlet

.80 Return to Saddle

1.05 Bluff Overlook

1.30 Return to Saddle

1.50 Inlet trail off Narrows or the Harpeth Rd

1.70 Return to Saddle

2.10 Return to Trailhead

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