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Trail Notes

The Lake Trail is rated as easy and is marked with red blazes.

The Island Trail is rated as easy and is marked with blue blazes.

Lake View Trail

Lake View Trail

The Lake View Trail is rated as easy and is marked with green blazes.

There are cliffs on or near the trail. Caution!

The Lake Trail and Lake View Trail could be hiked as loops.

On both trails, north of Thompson Creek are isolated, south of the creek are the campground, chalets, cabins, picnic area, etc.

At times the trail is more difficult to follow on the south side of the lake. We never felt lost, as we knew that the trail was somewhere between the facilities and the lake; but we did not know exactly where they wanted us to walk!

Water and restrooms are available at the Park Office, campground, Recreation Lodge, and picnic area.

swimming area

The swimming area overlook is the bluff across the lake

We saw hardly any wildlife; but we did have our dog with us.

There was no litter on the trail and everything looked well kept.

The Park Staff had been busy cutting back the brush from the trail corridor.

The shelters along the trails are a great place for breaks. Even if you are not tired, you will probably want to stop and take advantage of the shelters.

I would assume the trails see a lot of use in the warmer months.

In the summer the trails would be in the shade.

Lake and Island Trail Mileage

.00 Trailhead near the Suspension Bridge

.05 Suspension Bridge Shelter

.10 Overlook of swimming area

.15 Overlook of boat dock

.55 North Lake Trail Shelter

.60 Dam cutoff

1.10 Bluff Trail junction

1.15 Thompson Creek Bridge

1.25 Ladder Trail Junction

1.45 Island Trail/Campground Trail Junction

1.65 Island Trail (clockwise) to the Island Trail Shelter

1.80 Return to the Junction

1.85 Lake Trail to Chalets

1.95 Cabins

2.10 Bridge at Swimming Area

2.15 Return to trailhead/parking area

Lake View Trail Mileage

.00 Trailhead near the Sup ens ion Bridge

.25 Walk thru Picnic Area to Hazard Cave, Lake View, Ridge trails - trailhead

.30 Junction with Hazard Cave Trail (go right or straight)

.35 CCC bridge over Thompson Creek

.40 Ridge Trail Junction

.50 Lake View Shelter

.60 Small bridge over creek

.90 Suspension Bridge Shelter

.95 Return to trailhead/parking area.

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