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Trail Notes

Gilbert Gaul was an artist who was born in New Jersey in 1855. He inherited land in the now days Fall Creek Falls area and built a cabin and studio on his homestead site.

frozen lake

The trail is easy to walk; but in the places the footing is difficult.

There are no facilities at the trailhead.

Bring water.

The trail is a path by the lake and dirt/gravel road crossing the high ground.

There are no blazes. Signs are used to aid navigation.

Ticks have been known to be difficult in the summer months.

The trail may be walked in either direction. Counter-clockwise the trail descends the open field by the site of the Gaul Homestead, but clockwise it climbs the filed. In the winter that might not make much difference but in the summer it would be cooler to go the other direction.

The beaver lodge was great! The highlight of the hike.

evidence of beavers at work

Canoes may be rented from the marina (across the lake.)

The Gilbert Gaul makes a great trail run.

The trail distance may be extended by adding the multi-use Lake Trail or the Piney Mountain Bike Trail.

Gilbert Gaul Trail Mileage

.00 to 1.00 Going counter clockwise, an old road leads from the trailhead to a junction with another road - goes off to the right, go straight or left.

1.00 to 1.35 Junction through the field to the head of the lake.

1.35 to 2.40 Head of the lake along the shore to the Frazier Rain Shelter

2.40 to 2.85 Shelter to beaver lodge

2.85 to 3.75 Beaver Lodge to trail junction with the spur trail that leads to the Fisherman Cabins. To return to the trailhead, turn left.

3.75 to 3.90 Junction uphill to old road. Turn right on road.

3.90 to 4.10 Junction to another old road joining from the left. Continue straight.

4.10 to 4.40 Continue on road to trailhead.

Note: The trail is a loop.

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