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Trail Notes

There is lots of evidence of old homeplaces from stone fences to remnants of structures. Signs are also placed naming two homeplaces.

Our GPS mileage matched the Park's mileage.

White blazes mark both trails. Signs are also located at each junction.

On the ridge

Though the trails were well blazed, the tread of the path was at times hard to follow. Perhaps the winter season added to the difficulty by the leaves covering the ground.

Looking at the terrain driving in to the Park, we expected the trail to be rocky. It was actually very soft.

There was no litter on the trail.

view of the lake

Unfortunately there was lake litter along the shore line of the lake. Litter included dock styrofoam, plastic bottles, bait containers, etc. The noise from the motor boats on the lake was very loud. You don't think we could talk the boaters into using mufflers, do you?

Trekking poles are useful on the steep ups and downs.

Water and restrooms are available in the Park; but not at the trailhead.

golden fields

The trails are shaded.

Jake, the dog, liked the trail. We saw one other dog, both dogs were on their leashes for the entire trip.

When we hiked it was a perfect winter day. We saw ten other hikers.

Millennium and Merritt Ridge Trails Mileage

.00 Trailhead

.45 Stone fence to the left

.60 First junction, stay left

.85 Old Spring

1.35 Small creek crossing

1.40 Lon Christian Homeplace

1.55 Junction with Merritt Ridge Trail

1.80 First switchback

2.00 Fence on ridge

2.55 Fence Corner (fence ends)

2.60 Outcropping overlook

2.70 Tree

3.10 Junction with Merritt Ridge Loop, go right

3.30 Start of climb

3.50 On ridge

3.95 Start of steep descent

4.05 Saddle

4.50 Point of the peninsula

4.90 Inlet (probably with lots of lake debris)

5.50 End of Merritt Ridge Loop, go right

5.90 Tree

6.00 Outcropping overlook

6.05 Start fence line

6.60 Leave ridge, descend

6.80 Last swtichback

7.05 Junction with the Millennium Loop, go left

7.45 Junction end Millennium Loop, go left

8.05 Return to the trailhead


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note: Tracks were only recorded one way. Any duplicates were not included - GPS mileages will be different than actual mileages.


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